Emporio Armani

Emporio Armani expertly combines the world-renowned classic tailoring and clean lines of Giorgio Armani with a sense of youthful exuberance and modern style.

Technology grows increasingly integrated into clothing, how do you see this changing athletic wear?
Technical garments for sporting performance will, I believe, simply become more and more fit for purpose and will perform better and better. What is perhaps more interesting is how this technology will cross over into the fashion mainstream. We already see this trend in everything from footwear to outerwear.

Armani was an important part of the Paninaro youth scene which wore many sporting labels. How does the brand continue to keep up with youth culture and where does it fit in today?
Armani has been taken up by many youth movements around the world over the years. The Paninaro scene, with its association with Milan, is one of those closer to home. It was interesting, as Italy is not widely thought of as a pioneer of youth culture in the way, say, the UK is, but in this case, there was something uniquely Italian about the adoption of sportswear by young people in a stylish way.

All my work at Armani is based primarily on my personal vision of style, and while I differentiate between the look and mood of my various labels, I am never overly concerned with being ‘on trend.’ My aesthetic is about simplicity, elegance, and comfort, whether that is interpreted in a man’s suit or a track suit. Youth culture adopts Armani and adapts it in its own way, as befits youthful enthusiasm.

Source: High Snobiety