In 1924 in the small town of Metzingen, which is located south of Stuttgart, Hugo Ferdinand Boss or Hugo Boss as we know him better began producing Hugo Boss clothing. However due to the economic climate in Germany was forced into bankruptcy soon after, before rebuilding his business and becoming the official supplier of uniforms to the Nazi Party during the Second World War. After Germany was defeated in the war Hugo Boss was charged with being sympathetic to the Nazi cause and using forced labour, losing him his right to vote, and was subsequently fined before his death in 1948.

Boss’ business survived and in 1985 was floated on the stock exchange with the major shareholder now being the Marzotto Textile Group. The company now produces high-end men’s and women’s wear. This brand has made the obvious transition into sports with Real Madrid, Manchester United, Lewis Hamilton and Henrik Stenson all sharing commercial ties with the brand.