Adidas Y-3

Y-3, the ongoing collaboration between global streetwear brand Adidas and Tokyo born designer Yohji Yamamoto, was founded in 2003 when Adidas wanted a unique twist to its massively popular footwear. The name Y-3 derives from a bond between the two, with the “Y” signifying Yohji Yamamoto’s influence, the “3” representing Adidas’ infamous three stripes and the dash indicating the strong bond between the two.

Although Yohji Yamamoto is an international name in the fashion industry, he managed to gain a much more widespread name thanks to a collaboration with streetwear giants Adidas that formed in 2003. Adidas, although hugely successful, needed a new range that sparked a new dimension for footwear.

They approached Yohji Yamamoto and Y-3 formed, providing a seamless diffusion between functional streetwear and unique design. Famed for his unique cuts and shapes, Y-3 consequently began to churn out styles, shapes and forms of trainer that no-one had ever seen before.

The bridge between functional sports inspired footwear and fashion had been successfully established and Y-3 has since cemented its place in the fashion world, expanding into menswear and womenswear as well as opening a series of dedicated Y-3 stores on an international scale. These standalone boutiques have sprung up around the globe as the brand gains an international following and its fans clamour for the next collection.