ma·ha·ri·shi (mäha-rē′shē, mə-här-shē)

n. pl. ma·ha·ri·shis Hinduism 1. Literal Sanskrit translation: great seer. 2. Aka Guru aka great vision in clothing

maharishi was founded in 1994 by Hardy Blechman with the great vision to create environmentally sound, fair-trade produced, long-lasting, high-quality, utilitarian clothing. The collection has always included the strong natural fibre hemp as well as organic cottons and upcycled military clothing. maharishi remains a privately owned company, and maintains a strong ethos of respect for nature while utilising the latest technology.

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In Autumn Winter 2017, maharishi journeys to the mountains – celebrating indigenous people of the world.

The collection draws inspiration from 18th century Japan, through to 60s era Vietnam, specifically the native Ainu populations in Hokkaido, and the Montagnards of the Vietnamese Central Highlands.

Looking to the Far East the collection features staples such as ponchos and kimonos, as well as natural, hand woven fabrics. Graphics are inspired by vintage Japanese illustrations and artworks.

The AW17 camouflage, DPM: British Haze, is a two-colour pattern that mimics the texture of hand spray-painting. It is offered in traditional terrain-inspired colourways Desert, Woodland, and Night, as well as Skyline Ghost, a colourway inspired by the U.S. Airforce.